Saturday, October 18, 2014

You Have Been Warned

If you actually believe that anything I write and publish on this "weBlog" (original word, get some education), then you're probably as stupid as I believe everyone to be, including yours not truly,

The pointlessness of these empty examples of vacuous vapidity, are only meant to mean nothing. Nihilistic meandering nonsense for no reason other than to make clear that this is how everyone sounds on this medium and all media. 

Tweets are the empty spaces between bird song and nothing else. 

Blogs are egocentric bloated electron flows around the event horizons of Black Holes! Ideas and thoughts fall in, never to heard from again.

However, the Bill of Rights gives you Rights of Bill to rant on endless about things you know absolutely nothing about, impose your undereducated opinions on subjects you can't even spell correctly or use in the proper contexts. 

So all I'm saying to each and everyone of you, please, for The Love of God, just SHUT UP for a while. GIVE IT A REST! The election will turn out however it turns out and absolutely none of you will not have said/written anything that will even have had the tiniest of tiny effect on any of it.

Take a year off. When 2016 rolls around, them start your expounding on nothing all over again, but for one year, 2015, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!! I promise to do the same if you will, otherwise, you assholes may finally force me to shutdown the entire internet with one coded entry on an obscure website that will initiate a worm virus (contradiction in terms) that will fry every router and switch on the open internet. The military and certain governmental, banking, financial, etcetera, systems will not be affected, but every citizen worldwide will be kicked off line until someone repairs the lockouts I'll put in place.

Since no one will have read this, you have been warned.

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