Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bloviating Buttressed Blank Benefitting Butts

I'm so sick of this... Reality... Is that what we call it or can we use some other nonsensical word to describe whatever this instant that keeps moving like a target in a space game of Asteroids or Hemorrhoids of Piles on Targeting Scanners pointing at the imaginary enemies of all that is Good and Sanitary?

Evil is a relative of my second Cousin twice removed from this location. Nonsense you say? Then what is sense? 

Is it a Tweet from some anonymous troll who bloviates before exploding its bile of opinions on electron bits of bytes all over the interwebs of poor taste. Eight grade educated dropouts who believe their opinions merit as much attention as those of Al Gore. Sorry, poor example.

I don't really care anymore. As soon as I tap on the White Tweety Bird Outline up
Pops bloated, dead corpses of discarded disregarded bird droppings of so many different same opinions not worth the magnetic domains they are clogging up on some hard drive somewhere out there in the vast wasteland of the cloudy server farms.

Why do you people bother, care, believe, pontificate about endless tracts of empty minds who agree only to stab you in the back when any opportunity presents itself? Everyone hates everyone else. We even hate ourselves, except we are so perfect in our extremely narrow vision of that mirror of our soulless being.

This has all been written before, mostly better yet mostly worse than this ridiculous prose of profound insight.

Such as it is, so it will be, forever and ever, beyond time's measure; amen. 

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