Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pointless Profundity Progressing Perfectly

Now is constantly being destroyed. The Past fades, the Future uncertain. But as soon as it's now, it's gone. As if it had always been but it never existed until it dissolved.

Memory tells us nothing about Now. The stories are all fictions of the imperfections of Memory. No matter the measurements, they describe nothing as they're all imperfect inaccuracies of what we believe was Real. 

We have to take Existence on Faith. Do we really all agree on Reality? Or is just me forcing my Perceptions on an unwilling Present? Or you? Beyond Solipsistic thoughts of One's own solitary being, is there a True Agreement or just more arguments of philosophic randomness of an Uncertain Universe. 

Depressing isn't it, the Never Sure of What Was Wearing the cloth of Now. Did something counter-spin another Whole Universe of Universes Inverted in some fashion statement? Is God as Arbitrary as we are? Or is She always Certain of His Opinions of what constitutes Its own Existence in each of our Realities    of Disagreement? We can never fully agree on anything. Not even Consensus has any Agreement with the Details in the Devil.

Run along, Now, and take your Past Present for the Future with you into the Emptiness of the Argument no ones arguing about. I have nothing more to... 

Do you?

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