Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Your Fallacies

I don't know if you know
Your fallacies are showing
And it ain't too pretty
If you want to argue with me
Please be sure you have a fact
Or two or three or even more
Personal attacks aren't facts
Name calling card playing of those
Rational arguments are not made
Ad hominen is not allowed either
Remember as the wise man said
Facts are stubborn things
Debate without facts is empty
Useless fruitless futile non sequiturs
I'll have none of that please
If you want to take that tack
I'll just move on to better things
To do with my precious little time
Not that many breathes or heartbeats
As the countdown is nearing end
So I don't have time to play
With grown spoiled old children
It's a tiresome game of waste
Find some else whose tail
You wish to twist or step on
This cat will just bat you down
And eat you for lunch in the process.

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