Friday, July 18, 2014

Spring Dances in Winter

She pirouettes steps and pirouettes
Spinning with each step closer
As if inviting me to join this dance
But old bones and joints rebel
Even the thought brings a pain twinge
So I smile she's so young and fair
I remember the days as if they were now
Playing like a movie in front of my eyes
Climbing trees then effortlessly jumping
Shoulder rolling back to my feet and running
Smiles at the marvelous freedom of youth
But I pull away as other visions come
Unbidden from deep recessed memories
Of life of living of loving of leaving
Please no more mourning places
Loses piling on loses like a wall
Being built in front of me suddenly
I want to forget give up give in
And you're back young lady spinning still
She smiles sweetly as if she's seen
The pain of age etched in my eyes 
Empathicly she stops staring at me
Then bows as if to acknowledge 
Her dance was for me to forget 
Where I was for a time in space
She honored me with more than words
Just her smile was really all I needed.

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