Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One Dream

One dream is a snowflake flailing
Fighting for survival against a dying sun
Slamming to ground with all the others
Begging for mercy against nightmares 
Demanding full restitution for hope
Lost in the blizzard of terminal expectations
Rounding the curves of reality 
The dreamer awakens unsure if
He's really awake or some how stuck
Between a fantasy or some simulcrim 
Of his life he didn't remember 
A gust of wind stirs another dream
As she wakens next to him 
Fear coursing through her as if
She didn't recognize this man anymore
But slowly the world became focused
Both looking in each other's eyes
Then a sudden need broght them
Tightly embraced as they are one
Had been lost forever from the other 
Heartfelt kisses poured from their mouths
As if they'd died and resurrected 
From a dream they shared once
The details of which they never remembered.

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