Saturday, July 5, 2014

Xuěbào (part 4, first draft)

A gentle cold breeze
Falls down the mountain 
Ruffling her fur causing
Her to involuntary shake
Not from the cold
But smooth down her coat
She doesn't like her fur
Mussed but soft to
Cover the tense musculature
Like all cats of any size
She licks her right paw
And rubs her right ear
Out irritation of some flea
Or other pest disturbing
Her tranquile state meditation
Suddenly she smells something
A scent scurrying swiftly
Nearby her shadowed perch
A sound of small stones stumbling
Down the face below
Having driven her last
Full grown cub some time ago
She cautiously peers down 
From her hidden ledge
Only food in close packed
Groups of several protecting
The young inside the flesh wall 
All too easy for her
Then she hears another
Too familiar sound of the odd
Moving creature with a long
Hollowed stick of hardness
Those creatures made her uneasy
A warning crept through her brain
The creature was not competion
But far more dangerous
To her as to give pause
She could get this creature
But there were usually others
Of its kind close by but she
Smelled no scent of it or
Them yet she knew they 
Were somewhere unseen
It was always better to let
This food go for there would
Be others to come along
Once these were gone with
The creature of unease
She had vague memories of
Dead ones of her kind laying
Still and cold with small red spots
Where only gray spots should be
And the scent of their blood
Hanging heavily held in the
Cold breeze now all around her
Mind alert to being seen
Knowing they can't see her
In her shadiowed niche
So she moved inching back
Patience was always better
For the quicker easier kill
Of the more familiar food
Would be along soon enough
And she was not that hungry
Or eager to tempt fate she
Never understood except
Instinctually somewhere deep
In her brain where all her
Skills sent shivers of anticipation
Of a meal yet coming along 
This well worn path below
Her favorite place well inside
Her well marked territory 
That none would cross
Unless another need willed it
So the light was growing
Dim in the late afternoon
A time she never noticed
Except it meant other food
Would be crossing here soon

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