Saturday, July 5, 2014


The old man wanders unnoticed
Unheeded by those passing by
He is just threre invisible  
A phantom a wisp a blank
Even the air hardly moves
He sits on a bench anywhere
And no one cares how he looks
For fear that will be them
One day not too far off
So he waits for something 
What it is he doesn't know
There is no purpose to him
Nothing for him to do
Just bidding his time 
Until something comes for him
To take him to anther place
He knows not of 
An undiscovered realm 
That holds no more importance
Than his existance now
Of wandering unnoticed

Why do such people not leave
When waiting is so interminable
Where they are forgotten before 
Being seen unseen cold and alone
Wrapped in too many clothes 
On streets empty in fullness
Being a nonbeing of present
Fading before everyone's eyes
Like the burning of morning fog
Flowing across the waters of time
Hating each moment longer
Of lingering as just a number
To be checked off deleted
Of ever having ever been 
Scared of what's next
So we leave them sending a few cards
Of no meaning or emotion
Hoping they'll just go 
No longer a burden on resources

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