Sunday, July 6, 2014


I guess I am whiny a bit
But I won't apologize
Limp a mile in my shoes
(I do need a new pair)
Bad knee acting up
Doctor asks if I want surgery
No but what's your suggestion
Whatever is his response
I don't know what to say
He says see you in three months
So I limp onward
If it doesn't completely give out
I'll be okay I guess I hope
Forward life to another unknown 
So long as the painkillers hold off
I really can't afford a new knee
I know that's what's next
I've kept my parts pretty much intact
Don't want them taken until they fall off
Naturally is the only way for me
Except painkillers blood pressure
Cholesterol sleeping heart rate
And whatever other drugs it takes
I don't really look beyond today
Each day now a gift and a penitence
For out living her so far 2 years 2 weeks
That changes every day longer
Is a day I hope is closer
Reunions are supposed to be happy
Will ours be that way or will she not be there
Won't know until my eyes close 
From a last look at this world this Universe 
Yes I'm whining so what we all do
Another glass of whine anyone?

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