Sunday, July 6, 2014

Silent stillness calm

There is a place
Deep inside each of us
A place of silence
Where we are still and calm
We can visualize
A beach or mountain retreat
Of inspired sunrises
Or deep red sunsets
No sounds but open imagination
Can bring from memories
The thrill of fresh powder
The cresting of an enomous wave
Bird song flitting from tree to tree
Frogs chirping from a nearby lake
When stressed each of us can
With only the slightest touch
Of will power find this place 
And others unimagined laying about
Undiscovered in quiet scholls 
Where we can dock to discover
A new beauty we'd thought impossible
Yet here it is sparkling fresh and new
Explorations in the corners and nooks
Our minds play tricks with hiding
So when necessity comes in pain
We can retreat to where we can't be touched
And no one but ourselves will know
Unless shared with someone so special
That our deepest secrets can be held
In trust with her or him to know
There is a place...

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