Saturday, July 19, 2014


Voices of the dead scream violent vengeance
On those who in a complex missile's deadly glare
Sent skyward against the innocents flying there
Blood cries out but on leaders ears falls mute
It is in their hands that they wash out the red
Ignoring the wails of anguished souls left behind
Lamentations shouted screamingly in God's Ears
Who now shake their fists in futile rage unheard
As the Great Power walks from podium away impotently
And goes on vacation without any second thoughts
Of bodies strewn cross farm fields naked to the day
The pundits babble out vomit's stench of death
While young ladies on Vineyards sands run and play
How can any Great Leader with the chaos playing out
Go on about as if all was right with the whole world 
Tranquility Base is not tranquil here if he'd but look
But lame he is and deaf and cold to the voices heard
Of a world approaching a grand and great and total war
He plays a game political that's he's in it just for fame
To sign his books and talk on couches with the girls
Who giggle and fawn and preen over his greying looks
While others in whose hands the tiller is also steered
Look straight ahead ignoring the storm gathering about
And We the People sit in lazy boys sipping on cold beer
With Cheetos dust covering all our over bloated bellies
Looking as much like a corpse in the water too long
As a beached whale floundering completely befuddled
In front of the box of entertainment and bad cheap thrills
Just as ignorant and mindless as a good corpse should be.

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