Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Painting with Words

I draw my images not with pencil line
Or brush strokes across canvas broad
Mine are words naked and bare free
Like children at the local waterin' hole
Playfully yelling in great whoops and squeals 
As they fly from ropes into the cold water
I see those things in people's eyes
But must be careful not to stare too long
It's just my miswired brain interpreting 
The expressions only eyes can tell me
Windows unto the soul the Greek said
And I believe for I've seen great beauty
And terrifying deadness of one who hunts
People for sport so he plays his game
With policeman's minds tearing at the clues
Left clueless from someone with no soul
But in children's eyes is innocent wonder
Unaware of the dangers of eyes they can't see
And my eyes clouding over with age's toiling
Dimly failing and fading into darkness alone
You have only to look and see the eyes
Of your lovers embracing warm gaze
From eyes blue to pale jade and hazel warmth
But mostly the brown of our ancestors sent
Across big waters to this place they came
Tired and weary and huddled masses
On ships to seek a fortune but content
To have lived a free life in arms enfolded
With eyes still filled with amazement
In this picture I just painted with words.

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