Tuesday, July 8, 2014


You won't catch me
Writing about rainbows
And pretty unicorns
There is too little happiness
In this world of woe
Begotten Bastards 
Like me are escoriated
Aliens on the wrong planet
Trying to run out the clock
Of the sport of life
Where the final horn
Is blown by those belonging
To this strange species
I'm supposed to be part of
The crowded overfilled room
Of jabbering monkeys I can't 
Understand but 15% of what
I don't know anymore
Worse thing than growing old
Uselessly used up and tossed
Like a dirty rag of filth
Into the fire to be destroyed
By being invisible unseen 
But being bumped around
Like some half empty soccer ball
That can't bounce anymore
Because the joints hurts so much
And moving out of the way
Is no longer a viable option
To be placed for a vote
Up or down or no or yes
I've given up and lost so much
Most of it stolen by my own
Stupidity seen so obvious to others 
That I can't be real anymore
Than I can be false to anyone  
And never accepted for my offering
My life and love to another 
Gone now forever in memory
But to never be embraced again.

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