Thursday, July 10, 2014

Surrealistic doom

My thoughts are jumbled
Stumbling through the fog
A distant thunder clap
Then roaring applause collapse
The shing new born sun
Is shaded within gray gloom
A promise that must be kept
Forgot in the morning's heat
Cold winds come down from nowhere
And drive away the cheer
Everyone's confusion reigns
There is no sense of being here
Spinning in dervish coils
Around a mystery's truth
The lies of men are shown
Ignored by the multitudes
Of savage songs so sweet
We have a chance to change
A history's lost in vain
The witching hour is neigh
Vainglorious in tempered steps
False heroes claiming all the prize
There's no way out of here
Yet the path is clear and straight
Rambling mystics chanting
We now have no escape
The doom approaches silent
Air now is losing strength
As we are buried in our fears
Cancerous growths of beauty
Falling down to Hell
A void in heaven's sight
Has opened to damnation's call
Somewhere a voice is singing
Off tune harmonies of woe
The war had finally found
It had lost its final battle won.

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