Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I'm a smart guy I think
At least some say that 
To me in awkward tones
That makes me believe
They're not really serious
When they say they're
My friend or something 
Similar situations everytime
I speak out on a topic
Of discussion I'm not wanted
To participate in because
All these people have been
Carrying on the same 
Grudge matches of words
And any mention by me
Is immediately attacked with
Thermonuclear retaliations
On a global scale are
What I fear most when
I read all this hate filled
Ramblings I endure to try
And fit into the square
I've been relegated to
Dismissed by so many
And left forgotten when
I've reached and missed
Falling into a tiny cell
Like a monestary walled
In by discordant sounds
Of screaming at each other
Because it's never good
Being the outsider strange
Surroundings unfamiliar 
In a world already created
Without me because I'm 
Always the new one on
The bottom rung and
No room to move up
Despite I know things
Others don't have any idea
Of what I can give them
If only they'd receive 
The transmissions of words
And thoughts I've acquired 
Over a lifetime failing
To appear normal to anyone
Always outside looking in
The window where there's a party
I'll never be a part of

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