Monday, July 7, 2014

Please try again later.

Don't bother me now
I busy being nasty to people
Not really but that's what is seems
To others that when I try to help
I come across nasty and surly
Maybe my real self is bleeding
Into that other life in social 
Networks where I'm just as big
An idiot as I am out here 
Not digitally adept in conversation 
Same as I am in the the real
World spins constantly so there's
Always someone new I can offend
Without meaning to offend so
They end up offending me
With personal attacks and endless 
Memes whatever they are they
Were never part of any vocabulary test
I ever took in my life is it a real
Word or just something made up
New to the language I seem 
To be losing daily in drips and
Little dabs of confusion interlaced 
Interfaced with yet another troll
Who's being defended by a seemingly
Nice fellow who attacks me for
Mentioning I'm aged like a 
Bad bottle of vinegar they put on fries
Excuse me chips with Brits 
Who have no idea what a real
Constitution us since their's
Is mishmosh of badly stapled pages
That start in the middle 
Of the end then begin something
Completely different so I lose
My place in line to some fat
Arrangement of words I felt
Explained how we could never be defeated
But I am and running out of words
Since I used them all up
Just trying to educate poorly educated
Twits are now flying at me
From all sides and I've lost
Track of my train that derailed
A few miles back that way
Why do I care
Why do I try
I should just turn off everything
Go completely dark and quietly
Pass the past to the present future
I think I used that line once
Nope I was wrong it was another
Failure at autistic communications
Are down now please try again later.

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