Saturday, July 5, 2014

A place beyond

There is a place beyond dreams
Where we can go sleeping
Other lives lived lovingly quiet
No chaos of unbiddened visions
But it happens so rarely 
We remember as if it was
Another existance in existance
And for that brief moment
Between tick and tock 
Our mind is shared our other
A self as different as the time
From where we were to what
Now we call future past present
Sometimes hunting in forest
Or expansive desert scenes
From mountains peaks in skies
Clear to the bottom of oceans
With lovers we have known
And lovers yet to be between
Heavens unknown yet familiar
Universes take many forms
With colors indescribable in
Terms of sounds below above
Anything so beautifully awesome 
Then forced by forces greater
Than self back to ourselves
Here now where we must wait
Having experienced that which
Not us but was will be us sometime 
Some place past our present future.

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