Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Dance

This Universe is but one
Where we live our life
That's spread across the 
Multiverse of possibilities
Of timeless existance 
With no beginning or end
Home sometimes of origin
To mortality in physical forms
And genders unknown 
But are right for that place
And unaware of it all
Since knowledge of such
Existance would dissolve us
To mere floating atoms
And other types of matter
We could never imagine
Living suffering loving dying
An intertwined matrix of being
And not being afraid yet fearful
Of the greater forces shaping
All we can be are all around us
Everywhere everywhen yet 
No where but finality in Home
To rest to sleep to rejuvenate 
To heal from our many wounds
Then kicked back out to 
The endless dance of all that is
To begin our rush to an end
Each as different as snowflakes
Unique with similarities familiar
But carrying a bit of other selves
Knowledge of having been
And will be again again.

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