Monday, June 30, 2014

Xuěbào's Lament (Part 3, first draft)

There are those who condemn me
That don't know me at all
They shout taunts at the winds
And expect me to fall
But I stand there against them
And I'll never bow down
For they know not the truth
Of the lies that have gone round 

I'm a cat with a gray coat
Speckled black from my age
I am here right before you
And containing my rage 
You won't hear me coming
On my silent paws run
I will go on right past you
Even in bright glaring sun

A warrior's heart beats
You can't recognize
I rarely show my anger
Even with my great size
I stay in the shadows
Because there's no one I trust
I'll pass by the windows
Covered in hate filled dust

Even though I've slowed down
From the ravage of age
I still know the truth 
Aganst all that you rage
I've turned round the tables
So you'll lose every deal
And I'll have my revenge
Before my life you must steal 

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