Monday, June 30, 2014

The night before battle

Nightmares come unbiddened
As shadows fall unfamiliar 
On all those things we find familiar
But twisted in the shifted dim light
Partial scenes fractured in fears 
We keep hidden from ourselves
Sleep shifting sounds not heard
But none the less splash like paints
Kaleidoscopic horrors dredged deep
Deluges of the soul's searing slash
Of wounds never forgotten but buried
To return in horrid memories sweating
Our blood soaked torches smoking
Acrid smells we'd hoped forgotten
Reignited in full melodies dead embers
Crossing an infinite plain of dread
Awaking shaking alone in darkness
Not real but so vivid it takes moments
To pull a sense of reality from gaping jaws
That won't fully release us from its thrall
No smiles but nervous soft laughter
Mirthlessly grasping and gasping
Praying to be released from a dream
More real than ever our experience 
Before the next battle engaged.

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