Monday, June 30, 2014


A heart echos in the corridors of pain
Fluttering helplessly against the oppression
Of the ever present anguish of loss and torment
Empty of all hope and happiness once known
It pounds the walls in vain attempts of freedom
Until at last in stillness of silence it falls quiet

The lifeless form remains still in the memory
Of a bright dawn's first light shining fulfillment
Dreams that should have been everlasting gone
Dashed against the darkening skies abandoned
Never again to feel the gentle touch of a breeze
Only the fire's consummation of death's finality

Those left behind can only grieve in loss
A beauty taken too soon past that final door
When closed will not open again no matter
The laments of silent wailing pain filled want
The only hope in joining one day 
When the door reopens for your own last time.

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