Monday, June 23, 2014

What was your question?

          I find blogs boring
      When first I heard of them
         So many moons ago
         They were just called
          Used by Sys Admins
       To report what new FAIL
     Microsoft had come up with
                 What the
          Looked like this time
    They just dropped the "we"
Since there ain't no we I'm blogs
                 Now it's 
    Everyone's agenda slashed 
         All across the Interwebs
     Like anyone cares what you 
      If that indeed is what you are
             Attempting to do
       About the disaster of your
        First Thanksgiving dinner
    Or that new recipe that will make
            You lose hundreds
                  Of pounds
      Unless you're talking about the
                Monetary unit
           Of the United Kingdom 
                   Of England
           (Unless they go completely 
               Mental and succeed 
                   From the Union)
             And a couple counties
               In Northern Ireland
     Not including the Commonwealth
     Queen Elizabeth ain't getting paid
               Did I just wander off

              Sorry autistics do that
                     Pretty Often

            What was your question?

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