Sunday, June 22, 2014

I have my agenda too

I can promise you
You'll not read any
Poems by me
With pretty flowers
Or rainbow and unicorns
Of beautiful sunrises
Of beautiful sunsets
(Since both are optical
Illusions caused by the
Rotation of the Earth 
On its axis and that's 
Not very poetic)
If you want that kind 
Of poetical writing
I hear Rod McKuen 
Is still alive and kicking
I just write the truth 
And a little humor on the way
Very very little little humor
I even may wax philosophic
Once the opioids have kicked in
But I see very little beauty
I was loved by someone once
But she died and so did beauty
Looking back however I do that
I've found marriage is interesting
And the sex is usually better 
And the competition is less
Less thoughts of cheating
(Never does go away for either of you)
No I'll give it to you unvarnished
Without prevarication
Using all the  $.50 words
Wherever possible and often
It helps your vocabulary
Art should be truth 
"in vino veritas"... No that's not it
"in arte non est verum"
I think the first quote was better
I rather be drunk than alone
Sorry, AA and Bill and all your friends
So go peddle your newspapers 
You'll never find the truth there or 
On TV or the Radio (AM/FM/Satellite) 
And definitely not on or in the interwebs
You'll have to find truth on your own 
Sorry no short cuts
But that's what I'm here for
I'm here for all of you folks
Grooping in the dark
Because you popped a breaker
Or broke a popper
Maybe you see
I have my agenda too.

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