Monday, June 23, 2014

Xuěbào, Desert Passage Unexpected, (part 2 of first draft )

I will promise you
There is only this
Desert I'm crossing
With you in mind
In my heart waiting
For a return long past
Due for sometime
But I was late
And missed
A caravan that left
Gone without me
To bring me you
At the end
Now just endless dryness
As I not over taxing 
My pony while stopped
An oasis of cool water
Among ancient sandstone
Statues carved by the hot winds
Shapes of nature
As again I trudge on
In the early twilight
Bandits ride past
Not even giving me a glance
My poverty obviously marked
A poor monk they thought
If they actually knew
I was not the priest they saw
The next day I looked down a dune
As they circled the caravan
I'd missed
But now the body guards dying
Faster than bandits
I slowly walked down
Not disturbing a grain of sand
Mindful of my passage through
Time space place wind light shadow
To them a blur of something
In my mountain home
I would have been nothing seen
A gray spotted mist 
Across old snow sheets
But here I moved
More cautious of moving
Dispatched each bandit 
Until I reached the last 
The Leader looked at me
A dawning recognition
His sword sang as it cut the dry air
In great swinging swaths soundless
But mine more silent with small motions
Until he too joined his bandit ancestors
The caravan master cautiously 
Approached as if I were a coiled
Viper in tall grass unseeable
My hat covered my eyes 
Though not by my own purpose
I took it off and as recognition filled
His face and eyes
Bowing almost scraping the sand
But in waved him off
Mounted my pony and looked down
The caravan moving again
Many whispers filled the remaining
Journey until destination reached
She stood in the doorway
Eyes clear and dry but a hint
Of morning dew at each corner 
Her hair perfect set as a mahogany table
Bowing slightly and I in return 
Just another journey of Life
With Death always in attendance
Waiting patiently for our time
And the promise I only gave her.

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