Sunday, June 29, 2014


Do I hate all of you in the world
Some yes those who know me
And refused to take notice of what 
I had to offer with nothing in return
But a kind word or two or less
Than nothing was my reward
For opening my soul to all
Naked and unprotected by clothing
Of the identities we all wear outside
To hide behind our faithless hearts
Fearing that we never understood
Because difference was all that mattered
In rejecting what gifts I brung
To the party too late in the night
Of darkness spreading over the sunless
Days like a Winter's coldness
Freezing by the fires of others
Lacking warmth of recognition
Of my insignificance unbareable 
To be near like a leper's dissolution 
Falling off bit by bit to nothingness
Lest my contagion lept too close
To your fear of yourself opening 
To another's feelings of love
With no heart strings attached
To hold up the puppet self
That we all are in actuality.

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