Saturday, June 21, 2014

Good Bye

I'm done 
I've reached out
And got slapped away
No matter how hard I try and
Work at being one of you
I'm always slapped down and away
Like some irritating bug or dog or cat 

I give up
I'm not done 
I'm just too tired
To keep trying to make
Contact with you aliens 
You have called me names
Secretly in your hearts as you
Won't confront me for fear of 
Something I don't know what it
Is or why it is or what I've done to
Be treated this way when all I was
Trying to do was say hello and would 
You be

My friend?

Guess not

Too bad

Go away now

Don't write anymore


Don't reach out

We don't want you

You're too strange

You're not one of us

You try too hard to fit in

Just stop trying

Leave us alone

We only want cool people

Like us and certainly

No freaks like you

Autistics need not apply

You'll never have friends 

Being what you are


Good bye.

Click... Bzzzzzzz........

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