Sunday, June 22, 2014


Am I any less
Valuable than any
Other who contributes
To the wholeness
Of experience 
In music
In song
In dance
Do not my poor words
Spin about
Dazzling light 
Dancing to a different
Beat and melody
Casting about the stars in
The Universe Symphony
Beakoning all to join
To experience all that is
Existence extending eternally
Unbounded by prejudice
By fear
By hopelessness
By joy
By bliss 
By God's own creation
A forever journey 
To we who don't know
Where when why
There is no beginning
There is no end
No stopping
No starting 
Only bounded by love
And unbounded by happiness
Then why do you cry 
Tears are not evil
They are your gift in return
For your life given freely
To everyone touched by you
And those yet to be.

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