Thursday, March 26, 2015


The following was written after reading that the Non-voting Delegate to the House of Representatives from the District of Columbia stated in a public hearing that the committee on Government Affairs had no right to know what goes on in the Executive Branch. Well, as they are fond of saying in Congress, I'm going to revise and extend my remarks from that original paragraph of my comments.

To read that a Democrat, or Democrats in general, believe that We the People don't have a right to know what goes on in any branch of government, Congressional, Executive or the Courts, has either not read the Constitution or its supporting document, the Federalist Papers, or is totally ignorant that what we now have is a representative democracy, or Federal Republic, that is founded, first and foremost, on the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED!

The government's only reason for existence is to serve the citizen's needs for fundamental freedoms and rights. It exists for no other reason. Therefore, We the People, have a right to know what our government is doing except in terms of verifiable national security interests. Only the people, the citizens of the United States of America, have any true right to privacy.

When serving in a public capacity, for the public good, those in whom we place our trust into guard our freedoms and rights, must willing tell the citizens about everything they are doing. Government, in of itself, has no right to be trusted in any unqualified manner.

The Bill of Rights was written to ensure the citizens right to control their own destinies, not for the government to take away any of our rights, liberties and freedoms.

The Democratic Party appears to have embraced the political concepts of Fascism and Totalitarianism. They want and desire absolute control of the citizens of America and willing to go to any ends to make that happen. I believe that all truly sentient and moral people reject that concept, and will make their voices heard in the Corridors of Power that power does not reside with government but with the people who constitute it.

We will not lay down like dogs and allow anyone one, or group, within our government to trample our liberties! The original colonists of Connecticut got right with their motto, "Live Free or Die"! Does anyone here want their rights, liberties and freedoms taken from them without their full CONSENT? If you do, then I do fear for our nation, our Republic, that it too shall perish in the ashes of history.

Our Republic was never designed to force its citizens to crawl on their bellies to the Seats of Power to beg for their rights, liberties and freedoms already guaranteed to them in the document all “employees” of the government are sworn, by solemn oath, to preserve, protect and defend, being the Constitution of the United States of America.

In recent years, the past 30 or so, the politicians who long for power connive, conceal and pretend to be freedom loving “servants” of the people who would elect them, while in their heart of hearts scheming to take from the people as much power and money as they possibly can for their mere conceit and for those who gave them money to buy their position. What more can be said then that they are all liars, thieves and crooks. Not one of them deserve our trust. They should be seen for what they are, not what they pretend to be.

It's not just your average politicians are this way, but our courts lead by judges in whose conceit are all little dictators of all the survey when they put on their  black robes. They are little people who would be gods, sitting behind their high benches, passing out punishments and rewards on whims. They know that most laws are made by and for their fellow lawyers, not for the “citizens” who are all guilty when they come into their domains and those “criminals” must prove themselves totally guiltless, and the wealthy must prove themselves worthy of more rewards by how much they donated to the judge’s campaigns. They don't care one whit for that rotting parchment in the nation’s Capitol, only in how cleverly they can twist and distort its meaning to suit their personal beliefs, if they truly have any.

No, dear citizens, we no longer live in the land of truth and justice, but in a prison barge built on lies some of us have learned in drinking the KoolAid of the two party system of liars thieves and crooks. The Bill of Rights is just as rotted as the rest of the decaying Constitution. Our rights, liberties and freedoms have been eroded right before our eyes and with the wink and nod of assent of enough of us to allow this to come to pass. It seems many of us, enough to make it so, are more content with their toys and games and sugary treats so long as others put their lives on the line so they don't have to put out the effort of citizenship.

So what are we left with? Nothing? Or are enough of us who believe in a constitutional representative democracy willing to stand on their hind legs and shout “ENOUGH!”, no more. We want OUR government back, the one we used to read about in fairy tales called history. Are any of you brave enough? Have nothing to lose, but everything to gain? Are you strong enough to stop these “politicians” and “judges” and “bureaucrats” (those who actually control everything from the shadows)?

I only have questions. It's up to every citizen to come up with their own answers to the queries I pose. I'm certainly not going to force your eyes and minds to become open to the putrefied state of things I've described. To smell the decay of the rotted corpse of the nation. It's up to each of you now.

So ends my stand of defiance to the a State of the Nation.

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