Thursday, July 3, 2014


There is a war is coming
One that can not be delayed
It wil burn across the county
Like a giant white hot blade
Free peoples are just so angry
It can not be contained
They will tear down the liars
And put them all to shame
They are fed up with the government
And won't stop until it's healed
They'll take on the money 
And their phony posing stars
It finally come down to this
And everyone's to blame
But if they band together
Then sanity will once again reign
And we are the people
The people that you serve
We did not hire a bunch of masters
So we'd become their slaves
We are tired of all the lying
And promises that are never kept
There's a war that is coming
So you'd better get in step
Stop the noise and the bickering
And use some common sense
I know that's asking a lot
From politicians who have no brains
But there's a war a coming
And you all better get set
We'll take away your limos
And special privileges we don't get
You wil answer to us honesty
Or you will get pink slipped

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