Thursday, July 3, 2014


Beethoven is the apex of composers
All others pale and fade in comparison
Mozart once his idol reduced to comic
Brahms a faint imatator of little origin
Bach with mighty numbers falls short
And do not mention Wagner the pompous 
Of the rest, Italians , French, Pollocks and Russians
And the few English best not mentioned
No one before no one since attained
Always coming up melancholy whiners
Or overreaching their limited capabilities
I could list the litany of all the names but
Only Beethoven only Beethoven only Beethoven
Defiant of deafness and all else that besieged 
Climbed the Tower of Music Excellence 
Planted his banner for all to see and wonder
He takes his place historical leaving all others
To look up at the pinnacle of ability
Of course I'm one to write with no music
Beethoven is the apex of composers

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