Sunday, July 13, 2014

Music is

Music is what it is
Like a poem it's a thought
Made real by notes
Like words strewn across
Pages and pages of 
Sound soft and loud
Screaming electric guitars
Pounding drum sets and cymbals
Soft violins melodious rapture
High clarinets and flutes
Hard hammered pianos
With each individual sound
Capturing a mood a feeling
Warmth and cold winds
Cascading though our ears
Evoking images in our minds
Scenes unseen but felt
Deep within our secret places
Where we hide from the world
That's where music transports us
With the composer's thoughts
The musician's skills
Voices straining toward Heaven
Telling stories untold from the beginning
Tales yet to be in passing future
We sleep with songs still singing
As the lights fade from sight
And stillness of night
Stealing away

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