Sunday, July 13, 2014

Each Step

Each step is part of a The Journey
Stumbling about each scene
Without out lines memorized 
In a gigantic Play
Whose Author keeps us 
In the dark for reasons we
Can not fathom 
We leap and dance in youth
Stand strong and steady adults
Reduced at the end 
To where we came from
Small and weak but with memories
Of the loved being loved alive
Swirling around we played
Endless games in endless plays
Where our parts changed
With each forgotten line
Moving inexorably on The Journey
As tattered players finally worn down
Threadbare at the last days
So the future is past tense 
Foretold by those gone 
Who were old before us
And at last the Answers
Revealed but too late to reveal
In whispered voices we couldn't hear
The tunnel of light in the distance
Into which we'll all disappear. 

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