Sunday, July 6, 2014

More words

I always chose my words carefully
Making sure each is what I want
But at the end looking back
They were never the right ones
Lacking in clarity or emotional depth
My expressions of what I was trying
To convey simply too complex 
The order were wrong out of line
Confused disarrayed dissembling 
Not false but neither true
Words jumbled in crosswords 
Never saying what I meant
But always i was myself
No one else to confuse my meaning
Yet confusion reigned bloody retribution
Heaping distain and derision 
Hilariously incompetent in style
Tears staining each page electronically
Shorting out the sorting out
Definitions unintended by their nature
Freaks of monsterous impossibility
Straining to escape the bonds
Conventional wisdom's ignorance
Has bound me in this little box
Covered in complete incomplete labels 
Describing my failures and faults
Of a life filled with less than nothing
Where the only thing to be done
Is what I've always done in the past present
I always chose my words carefully.

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