Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fugue of falling

I have fallen
Many thousands of feet
In my life
But I've gotten up
And walked away
Nonplused unaware
Stumbling onward
Staggering around 
On unsure feet on strong legs
Lost in a forest of flesh
Wherever I go
They are always there
Others I don't understand
When they speak
Though the words I understand
I can't quite make out 
What they're saying
Or the emotions tied to the words
There are always emotions
But what am I to make of them
I find others uncaring
Whether they are or not
I can't really say 
They laugh
But I'm never sure at what
Or who
For the most part
I can't seem to determine
Where it is I fit
In this puzzle of words
On this world where
I have fallen.

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