Monday, July 14, 2014

I'll be Found

On the alter of pride
I've sacrificed my soul
So spiritless searching 
Of notoriety unattained
Poorer for the want of it
Improvised thoughts deride
In lines of confused frustration
The anger building relentless
Burning in my emptiness
I can not find the rhyme 
Or reason for this churning
The clenching of my teeth
Hides my fevered yearning
For a better world not filled
With hateful snarling beasts
The anguish that I feel 
Choking back the bile
That brings to others smiles
At the dark cloaked figure
Hovering ever so near
Waiting for that moment
When one broad scythe swing
Cuts all of my heart strings
That hold me to this place
Freedom now with no bounds 
A long sighing exhale
Signals the end of this round
Will I yet return here
Or some unknown place
Where I'll be found.

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