Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cries of the Dark

I'll try not to bore you
With children's crying
In the darkness 
Of glaring lights
Frightened of sounds
And unknown words
You haven't any idea
Of these images I paint 
With letters cross page
Not too far for you to go
But an endless distance
For their shattered little souls
They sob silent stillness
At screams they hear
Of the knife edged fear
They shouldn't yet experience
But they're here on your doorstep
What's your answer to their calls
Turn the channel to something
Else than admit in this what
Evil we've unleashed with
An errant vote for change
That's turned to utter hopelessness
It's not someone's else's problem
Here it has landed full blown
Crisis of the chaotic madness
When you turn your back
On the planet wracked in pain.

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