Friday, June 20, 2014


I love questions
     Particularly Big Quetions
  That have no answers like
         Why life
    Life adds nothing to a Universe 
        That can exist quite nicely
             Without a single bit of life
    But here we are
          If indeed we are here
      Another is why Universe
        For the life of me 
    I can't find any reason for a Universe
          Even this one
             To exist 
There are certain cosmologists
      Guys and gals with really
              Big Brains
     Who say the universe can just
    Into existence from nothing 
        For no apparent reason
    It's the "Nothing" and "no reason"
          That bothers me the most 
      Doesn't you as well
        And since there is something
            It should follow 
              There's a reason 
    Answer me that, Big Brains
          Maybe we're the reason
        And there is something 
              Greater than us
        Could you create a universe
                  From nothing 
           I didn't think so, so
    Maybe the Big Brains are wrong
                     After all
           They are only human 
     But the big questions remain
   And I guess they'll always remain

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