Friday, June 20, 2014

Quantum mechanics on strike

To everyone who cannot see me
I'm just a bunch of
Super- symmetric wave forms 
That is
Until you measure me
How's that done you ask
Just look at me
Looking, seeing, observing
They are all measurements
And, yes, when a tree falls
In some old forest somewhere 
It does make a sound
The other trees
The ferns on the forest floor
Miscellaneous wild life hear it
They made a measurement 
Not needing humans to confirm
Air molecules were displaced 
And large number of pressure waves
Ensued which defines a sound
Can we put the stupid question 
To permanent death now
Or do poorly trained science teachers
Keep the poorly formed question alive
Humans are not required for sound
And if the speed of photon 
Is the ultimate speed barrier
Does that mean it has mass
When we've been told a photon
Has no mass, no mas, nada, none
But it must have some because
If it has no mass then it's acceleration
Is infinite, nothing to slow it down
Unless it runs into something 
And that's a bummer for the photon
Quantum mechanics go on strike
They more photons and other quanta
But back to me
If no one sees me do I really exist
If the 2 dogs and 6 cats weren't here
Would I truly exist or not
Because if I don't exist 
Then I don't have to pay rent
Gotta get rid of these animals

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