Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Other

It's always my fault

Clumbsey, awkward 

Never knowing what to say

Always I'm sorry always I am

For being what and who  I am

Tripping over feelings

Bringing out fear, afraid of

My shadows makes me jump

And everyone pulls back

Never understanding,  even I don't

Know what to say when I do

Always wrong, too much too little too late

So I silently walk away

Eyes burning through my back

To my heart so broken at soft laughter

But they call it names with labels

I only wanted to say hi

To fit in somewhere besides

This darkness that surrounds 

Me with only silence as my

Companion ever condemning me

To remain away from the living

In my ever extending death

I'm sorry  I apologize but I can't

Make it better in strange oddness

Of a monster feared for always 

Being the other, not one of you...

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