Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Other Side of the Shadows

She steps across me carefully
Laying face down on the hotel floor 
The room filled with garish neon 
Still breathing in labored wheezing
Maybe a look of shock on my face

Looking down she smiles sweetly
I'd gotten myself to much in her way
I shouldn't have cheated on her
The knife is still there in my back
It's funny, there is no pain

She wants what she gets and takes 
No one stands in her way for long
And silently she'll slip away 
Leaving not a trace behind
My boys outside don't know a thing

Unnoticed from the servant's door
Escaping stealthfully into the night
She's moving in the shadows
What was mine was always her's
I should have expected nothing less

But, God, she is so beautiful
As she leaves me dying unseen 
At least my death was done by
Those beautiful hands on
The other side of the shadows.

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