Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fame is it's own reward

Fame  is it's own reward
Time wasted 
Too many people pulling parts
Of you apart
No art in fame
No fame in art

You are never yourself again
A thing, a nothing
Pushing people parting
With no goodbyes
Endless parties 
With no meaning

You want to sing
To make the music play
But all you have 
Are those people telling you
What only they want 
Never being alone 
Your thoughts never your own

You know what you can do
With fame and shove it
Back on someone else
You used to be
If you can remember who it was
It was you once upon a time

When there is no fame
There is fortune
Of being you and only you
Never again feeling alone
In a crowed room

In your own place
With quiet quietus of fame
Gone with only yourself again
A guitar and a microphone 
Peaceful in the comfort 

Music can only bring
To your seeking soul's solitude
Independent of others 
Your music
Your words 
You're you
Without fame.

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