Friday, June 20, 2014

The Mystery of the Others

Comic books and video game
Diversions for the adolescent mind
Unsure of himself in this violent world
And particularly with those creatures
Girls the unknown unapproachable 
Gender of beautiful architecture with
Wonderful scents and colored faces
Strange in their mysterious habits
Enticing us then walking away
For no reason that a logical mind
Can reasonably ascertain motives
With fluttering eyelashes 
And curious hip movements
Like cats walking along a fenceline
Then disappearing into groups
They walk into that forbidden room
Leave us poor males to piece 
Together wild speculations of just
What it is that makes them move
In groups of two or more a formation
So military like but without any
Obvious strategy or tactical purpose
So we go back to our comic books
Wishing we were super heros 
And the video games where we can imagine
That which will be made clear
By older boys who have, they say,
Penetrated this other world and
Seem to understand, but will find
When they are grownups it was all
A great big lie, but they'll always be
A mystery even after we marry 
So we go back to GQ and video games 

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