Sunday, July 20, 2014

Autistics at a Party

I am the social failure
As I stand there mute and dumb
Never knowing what say next
Or if it's my turn to run
I'm no longer invited to parties
Nor any kind of event
Autistics learn to accept this
They've learned it's not their fault
But still it hurts inside us
Because all the jokes we're the butt
They'll never understand us
Those neurotypicals types
With their secret communications
We've no decoder rings to decode their signals
Sitting in corners unnoticed
We retreat from all that pain 
Loud noises too many people
And annoying cell phone rings 
We try to talk Dungeons and Dragons
Or if Kirk was better than Picard
But they just stare at us so blankly
Then walk off in a great huff
They're not interested in our specialties
Not in our technical work
They just want to talk on blandly 
About the stupid people at their work
Or their bosses latest mistress
They can not tell his wife
These are stupid things to speak of
But they are happy I think all right
I'll sneak out of the this party
No one will know I've gone
I'll go back to my friends online
Then play The Call to Duty
Until the next rising sun...

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