Friday, June 27, 2014

Until death us do part

I'll write no ordinary blog
Filled with words plaintif or sour 
This is just a rambling set
In verse of prose set free
Words dancing freely across
Narrow columns of treeless 
Paperless electronic vibrations
Where your conclusions 
Are your own definitions 
A bit of myself stretched
To merge with you in your mind
All hapless and happy
Tinged with a faint whiff of sorrow
The last scent of a dying rose
Mixed in a potpourri and dashed
With a hint of cinnamon 
To bring a memory of vanilla skies
And a warm baked apple pie
On a damp gray autumn morning
Laying in bed under an overstuffed 
Quilt of Summer colors bright
Half forgotten in the sunset
Of a life now gone in a mist
Whipsawing your emotions
To see what I see in my mind
Jumbled memories fading 
Lost in a darkening forest
Of rotted wood and moss
Try to find the path again
Where I once trod in youth
But old bones creak and pop
Like snapping twigs of death

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