Wednesday, June 18, 2014

At the point

I am at the point
Where there are no
Mythical creatures abound
Only the cold reality
Of an uncaring Universe
Filled no more with wonder 
But horrors beyond imaging
Uncertain of itself
Uncertain about me

I am at the point
Where Death is reality
Inching closer every moment
Until it finally becomes clear
An opaque thing of darkness
Enveloping like a fog
Absent of any light
Or warmth
Only cold

I am at the point
Where laughter is distant 
Far from where I'm standing
Or sitting or lying or breathing
And others seem to know
That you are near it
And move away from you
Like a contagion
Visable on your face
Deep within you eyes
And they don't want to catch it

I am at the point
Where the joy of just being
Has disappeared like a fine must
Happiness in the little things
Has gone like a kite on a broken string
Love is a distant memory
Despair your constant companion

I am at the point...

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